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Hard Work Works!!    Elite Speed Training in Gilbert, AZ - Company Message
Don't let the world change you,
You change the world!!!

Name               High School/Sport        College          Professional 

*Aaron /QB, WR          Chandler, AZ   football         Colorado D-2               N/A

*Chance /WR                   Hamilton, AZ  football          NAU                        N/A

*Zeke /DB                         Chandler, AZ football            N/A                         N/A

*Adrian /RB                    Hamilton , AZ football             N/A                         N/A

*Tim DB                         North, AZ football                 Arizona                      N/A

* Former Hamilton             High School                           N/A                         N/A
Football Team Speed Trainer    Chandler AZ

*Kendall                                       Soccer                           N/A                          N/A

*Leighton                                     Soccer                            N/A                         N/A

*Audrey                                       Soccer                            N/A                         N/A

*Elizabeth                                    Soccer                             N/A                         N/A

*Jeremiah /WR,DB                     Football

*Tumbleweed Park       High School B-Ball players           N/A                         N/A
Basketball Camps               Across the Valley

*Freestone Rec Center         6 to 13 years old                       N/A                        N/A
                                           Sport Camps for Kids  

* Power Ranch                     6 to 13 years old                       N/A                       N/A
Community Association     Sport Camps for Kids


              More athletes coming soon!!!